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Short Stories

“The Alley”

Genre: Horror

Only one can leave victorious.


Genre: Horror

School librarians are not as harmless as they seem.

The Trunk

Genre: Suspense

Some things really shouldn’t go missing.

Test Results

Genre: Horror

The cause of an illness can be more frightening than the diagnosis.

Midnight Imposter

Genre: Horror

During the midnight hour, it’s hard to tell what truly lurks in the dark.

The Doughnut

Genre: Humor

Doughnuts are a dog’s best friend.

The Selfie Curse

Genre: Humor

Taking selfies can have cosmic consequences.

Demons Hate Halloween

Genre: Fantasy / Humor

A disgruntled demon has had enough of the living’s Halloween shenanigans.

Breach of Contract

Genre: Fantasy / Humor

Even a witch’s contract has loopholes.

Thrill Seeker

Genre: Contemporary

The things that scare us can be surprisingly beautiful.